Whether you have an injured employee or need employee health services, Hurley Occupational Health is the right choice for you with five locations serving Genesee, Oakland & Lapeer counties.

Our Occupational Health services are performed within the Urgent Care locations in Clio, Grand Blanc, Flint, Lapeer and Clarkston. 

Extended Hours: Most clinics are open from 9am-9pm Monday thru Friday and 9am-9pm on the weekends with no appointment needed. We also offer the convenience of online appointment scheduling. (See Home page for Clockwise appointment scheduling)

Onsite X-Ray, EKG, minor laceration repair, sprains, burns, vaccinations and testing.

Hurley Occupational Health will work with you to develop an action plan that meets the needs of your company and employees. If you would like to develop an action plan, please contact our Occupational Health Coordinator Cindy Sanders Phone: 810-262-2184 or Email: csander1@hhs.hurleymc.com.

Workers Compensation & Injury Care

When you have an injured employee you want convenient and comprehensive care. Hurley Occupational Health understands the high costs associated with caring for an injured employee, our goal is to provide high quality care with keeping the cost low. We’re able to do this through an aggressive return to work program, utilizing cost effective services. Your company will have the benefit of a case manager advocate who will monitor your employee’s appointments and referrals. In addition they’ll work directly with the medical providers to ensure your employee receives the best care possible.

Hurley Occupational Health providers will work with you to develop an action plan that meets the needs of your employees in the event an injury occurs. If you would like to discuss and develop an action plan for your employees, please contact our Occupational Health Coordinator Cindy Sanders Phone: 810-262-2184 or Email: csander1@hhs.hurleymc.com.

Employer Services

Pre-Employment Physicals

Hurley Occupational Health understands that your company needs a health workforce. Our Pre-Employment screening addresses many concerns with our unique pre-employment examinations.

Basic Physical can be completed for all pre-employment candidates which includes a standard vision test and U/A dip. This type of testing can be used to help determine which candidate best suits your company based on the labor intensity and environment of the position. It may also help our physicians identify any major health concerns that would prevent a potential employee from performing the required duties of the job.

DOT Physical Exams are also offered at our Occupational Health Clinics and meets all of the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for physical examination and drug screening. With five convenient locations staffed with certified DOT providers, it’s easy to make an appointment or walk-in for services. For your convenience Hurley Occupational Health uses Clockwise, an interactive scheduling system where you can schedule an appointment and we will send you a text message when to show up! This is effective in reducing wait times and time management for the clinic to get your employee in and out!

Police Physicals are also known as MCOLES Police Physicals. Our three levels of MCOLES examination meet the Michigan State Law Enforcement Standards

  • Pre-Enrollment Physical Fitness Clearance Examination
  •  Pre-Academy Physical Examination
  • MCOLES Police Office Comprehensive Physical Examination

Firefighter & HAZMAT Physicals are also performed in our Occupational Health Clinics.

 Other Services

Hurley Occupational Health offers several types of services available to your employees, below is a sample of the service we offer. Some of these services can be performed as part of a pre-employment physical or can be individual services to meet the needs of the employer.

  • Vision Testing
  • Urinalysis
  • X-Ray
  • Drug Screening & Alcohol Testing:  Hurley Occupational Health can perform several types of drug testing including Hair Follicle Drug Testing, Oral Swabs (after x-rays), Federal and Non-Federal Drug screening and Alcohol Testing, 6 or 12 Panel Rapid Drug Screening, DOT “Collection Only”, Breath Alcohol Screening and Blood Alcohol Testing. If you have questions on the types of testing that would be appropriate for your employees, please contact our Occupational Health Coordinator, Cindy Sanders at 810.262.2184.
  • EKG
  • TB Testing
  • Audiology (hearing test)
  • Essential Job Functions Testing
  • Vaccinations & Titers : Our Occupational Health Clinics recognizes the importance of various vaccinations such as chickenpox, meningitis or seasonal vaccinations such as the flu shot or pneumonia. We also offer more complex vaccination series including Hepatitis A or B. Hurley Occupational Health provides most standard vaccinations at all five of our Occupational Health Clinics.

Physical Therapy Services

Hurley Occupational Health has partnered with Hurley Physical Therapy to provide seamless care for your employees. If you employee is injured and needs effective care, Hurley Physical Therapy can help. Our unique Occupational Health Program provides care through a partnership of Occupational Health medical providers and physical therapists. Our providers look for ways to return your employee back to work safely and feeling better.

Return to Work/Fit for Duty Program: Some employers require the employee to meet physical fitness standards, set forth by the employer to assure the employee is capable to return to the workplace safely.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): FCE is a form of testing designed to provide an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s ability to return to work after a significant injury or evaluate if the employee can perform complex or repetitive activities with minimal risk of injury. 

Healthy Living & Corporate Wellness Program

Hurley Occupational Health has partnered with Hurley Corporate Wellness to meet the growing need for a healthy workforce. Studies have shown there are significant costs associated with an unhealthy workforce. Hurley Occupational Health & Hurley Corporate Wellness has joined forces through a dynamic program addressing the employees overall health.

Exercise: On-site exercise classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camp classes and walking clubs. These programs are offered for short session or monthly at a very reasonable cost.

Nutrition: Educating employees on healthy eating habits, meal planning, nutritional counseling and cholesterol management.

Weight Loss/ Health Management Classes: Company tailored 8-12 week programs, One-on-One nutrition counseling with a registered clinician, National Diabetes Prevention Program (1-year program)

Stress Management: On-site chair massages, grief counseling, stress management tips for the workplace

Lunch & Learn Classes: Couch to 5k program, diabetes management, hypertension management and "What is your Pre-diabetic risk?"

Smoking Cessation Programs: Tobacco Treatment Program – Quit for Life

For more information on Corporate Wellness please contact the Corporate Wellness Coordinator, Lisa Rensberger Phone: 810-262-7897 or Email: Lrensbe1@hurleymc.com


Hurley Occupational Health partners with a select group of specialist that are experienced with the complexities of work related injuries. Our specialists include orthopedists, hand surgeons, neurologists and pain management physicians. These specialists work closely with our medical staff to provide effective care so your employees can return to work. 

AgilityEH Employer Portal

Hurley Occupational Health will be adding AgilityEH, a software system designed specifically for Occupational Health. This program is unique because it will allow employers to access important information such as pre-employment physical documentation, drug screening results and worker compensation information. This program will allow the employer to review patient visits, reports and communicate directly with the Hurley Occupational Health Case Manager.

Sales & Action Plan Development: Hurley Occupational Health wants to help you & your employees by developing an action plan specific to your needs. Please contact our Occupational Health team listed below to discuss how we can help you company.


Cindy Sanders, Occupational Health Coordinator

Phone: 810-262-2184

Cell: 989-798-8294

Email: csander1@hhs.hurleymc.com 

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Expert Health Care

Hurley Health Services owns and operates several primary and specialty care facilities in Genesee, Lapeer, and Sanilac Counties. These facilities are staffed by Board Certified licensed physicians and physician extenders trained in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, General Practice and Obstetrics & Gynecology services. Our expert medical staff are highly skilled within their specialty and are supported by customer focused staff and the latest in technology. Hurley health Services also takes pride in its patient friendly facilities.